Seznam dílů seriálů Pepek námořník
1-Popeye the Sailor
2-I Yam What I Yam
3-Blow Me Down!
4-I Eats My Spinach
5-Seasin's Greetinks!
6-Wild Elephinks
7-Sock-A-Bye, Baby
8-Let's You And Him Fight
9-The Man On The Flying Trapeze
10-Can You Take It
11-Shoein' Hosses
12-Strong To The Finich
13-Shiver Me Timbers!
14-Axe Me Another
15-A Dream Walking
16-The Two-Alarm Fire
17-The Dance Contest
18-We Aim To Please
19-Beware Of Barnacle Bill
20-Be Kind To 'Aminals'
21-Pleased to Meet Cha!
22-The "Hyp-Nut-Tist"
23-Choose Your 'Weppins'
24-For Better Or Worser
25-Dizzy Divers
26-You Gotta Be A Football Hero
27-King Of The Mardi Gras
28-Adventures Of Popeye
29-The Spinach Overture
30-Vim, Vigor And Vitaliky
31-A Clean Shaven Man
32-Brotherly Love
33-I-Ski Love-Ski You-Ski
34-Bridge Ahoy!
35-What--No Spinach?
36-I Wanna Be A Life Guard
37-Let's Get Movin'
38-Never Kick A Woman
39-Little Swee' Pea
40-Hold The Wire
41-The Spinach Roadster
42Pepek námořník potkává námořníka SindbadaPopeye The Sailor Meets Sindbad The Sailor
43-I'm In The Army Now
44-The Paneless Window Washer
45-Organ Grinder's Swing
46-My Artistical Temperature
48-The Twisker Pitcher
49-Morning, Noon And Night Club
50-Lost And Foundry
51-I Never Changes My Altitude
52-I Likes Babies And Infinks
53-The Football Toucher Downer
54-Protek the Weakerist
55Pepek námořník potkává čtyřicet Alibabových loupežníkůPopeye the Sailor Meets Ali Baba's Forty Thieves
56-Fowl Play
57-Let's Celebrake
58-Learn Polikeness
59-The House Builder-Upper
60-Big Chief Ugh-Amugh-Ugh
61-I Yam Love Sick
62-Plumbing Is A "Pipe"
63-The Jeep
64-Bulldozing The Bull
65-Mutiny Ain't Nice
67-A Date To Skate
68-Cops Is Always Right
69Boj o zákazníkaCustomers Wanted
70Pepek námořník a Aladinova čarovná lampaPopeye Meets Aladdin And His Wonderful Lamp
71-Leave Well Enough Alone
72-Wotta Nitemare
73-Ghosks Is The Bunk
74-Hello How Am I
75-It's The Natural Thing To Do
76-Never Sock A Baby
77-Shakespearian Spinach
78-Females Is Fickle
79-Stealin Aint Honest
80-Me Feelins is Hurt
81-Onion Pacific
82-Wimmin Is A Myskery
84-Fightin Pals
85-Doing Impossikible Stunts
86-Wimmin Hadn't Oughta Drive
87-Puttin On The Act
88-Popeye Meets William Tell
89-My Pop, My Pop
90-With Poopdeck Pappy
91-Popeye Presents Eugene, The Jeep
92-Problem Pappy
93-Quiet! Pleeze
94-Olive's $weep$take Ticket
95-Flies Ain't Human
96-Popeye Meets Rip Van Winkle
97-Olive's Boithday Presink
98-Child Psykolojiky
99-Pest Pilot
100-I'll Never Crow Again
101-The Mighty Navy
102-Nix On Hypnotricks
103-Kickin' The Conga Round
104-Blunder Below
105-Fleets Of Stren'th
106-Pip-Eye, Pup-Eye, Poop-Eye, An' Peep-Eye
107-Olive Oyl And Water Don't Mix
108-Many Tanks
109-Baby Wants A Bottleship
110-You're A Sap, Mr. Jap
111-Alona On the Sarong Seas
112-A Hull Of A Mess
113-Scrap the Japs
114-Me Musical Nephews
115-Spinach Fer Britain
116-Seein' Red White 'N' Blue
117-Too Weak To Work
118-A Jolly Good Furlough
119-Ration Fer the Duration
120-The Hungry Goat
121-Happy Birthdaze
122-Wood Peckin'
123-Cartoons Ain't Human
124-Her Honor the Mare
125-The Marry-Go-Round
126-We're On Our Way To Rio
127-Anvil Chorus Girl
128-Spinach-Packin' Popeye
129-Puppet Love
130-Pitchin' Woo At the Zoo
131-Moving Aweigh
132-She-Sick Sailors
133-Pop-Pie A La Mode
134-Tops In the Big Top
135-Shape Ahoy
136-For Better Or Nurse
137-Mess Production
138-House Tricks?
139-Service With A Guile
140-Klondike Cassanova
141-Peep In the Deep
142-Rocket To Mars
143-Rodeo Romeo
144-The Fistic Mystic
145-The Island Fling
146-Abusement Park
147-I'll Be Skiing Ya
148-Popeye and the Pirates
149-The Royal Four Flusher
150-Wotta Knight
151-Safari So Good
152-All's Fair At the Fair
153-Olive Oyl For President
154-Wigwam Whoopee
155-Pre-Hysterical Man
156-Popeye Meets Hercules
157-Wolf In Sheik's Clothing
158-Spinach vs Hamburgers
159-Snow Place Like Home
160-Robin Hood-Winked
161-Symphony In Spinach
162-Popeye's Premiere
163-Lumberjack and Jill
164-Hot Air Aces
165-A Balmy Swami
166-Tar With A Star
167-Silly Hillbilly
168-Barking Dogs Don't Fite
169-The Fly's Last Flight
170-How Green Is My Spinach
171-Gym Jam
172-Beach Peach
173-Jitterbug Jive
174-Popeye Makes A Movie
175-Baby Wants Spinach
176-Quick On the Vigor
177-Riot In Rythym
178-The Farmer and the Belle
179-Vacation With Play
180-Thrill Of Fair
181-Alpine For You
182-Double-Cross-Country Race
183-Pilgrim Popeye
184-Let's Stalk Spinach
185-Punch and Judo
186-Popeye's Pappy
187-Lunch With a Punch
188-Swimmer Take All
189-Friend Or Phony
190-Tots Of Fun
191-Popalong Popeye
192-Shuteye Popeye
193Velký zlý Sindibád Big Bad Sindbad
194Bylo nebyloAncient Fistory
195-Child Sockology
196-Popeye's Mirthday
198-Baby Wants A Battle
199-Firemen's Brawl
200-Popeye, the Ace Of Space
201-Shaving Muggs
202Vytopený důmFloor Flusher
203-Popeye's 20th Anniversary
205Něvesta a špatné snyBride And Gloom
206Řecké pohádkyGreek Mirthology
207Děs a běsFright To The Finish
208Pepek, soukromý detektivPrivate Eye Popeye
209Špenát pro syslaGopher Spinach
210Piknik na aprílaCookin' With Gags
211-Nurse To Meet Ya
212-Penny Antics
213-Beaus Will Be Beaus
214-Gift For Gag
215-Car-Razy Drivers
216-Mister and Mistletoe
217-Cops Is Tops
218-A Job For A Gob
219-Hillbilling and Cooing
220Pepek prezidentemPopeye For President
221Zápas v boxuOut To Punch
222Rvačky a plačkyAssault and Flattery
223Souboj s mravenciInsect To Injury
224Není rande jako randeParlez-Vous Woo
225Nejsem pověrčivýI Don't Scare
226Umění stěhovatA Haul In One
227-Nearly Weds
228-The Crystal Brawl
229Pepek patriotPatriotic Popeye
230Obědová horečkaSpree Lunch
231-Spooky Swabs