Seznam dílů seriálů Král Šamanů
1Yoh a MortyThe boy who dances with ghosts
2Ochranný duchWaiting Samurai
3LennyAnother Shaman
4Dokonalé spojenectvíHyoi 100%
5Nové pokynyA shaman who is mature for her age
6Mistr Kung-fuKung Fu Master
7Výpady Pai-LongaPailong, Fist of Fury
8Šaman na jízdním koleShaman Life
9NocležníkThe Boy from the North
10-Fate of 00 Years
11-Rain that falls in spring
12-The Star that Signals the Beginning
13-Over Soul
14-Shaman Fight
15-Bone Killers 15th Round
16-Faust Love
17-Two People`s Journey to the Best Place
19-Big Souls of the Two
20-Soul Cemetery Park
22-Our Deadly Blows
23-Awakened: Nyan Nyan Doushi
24-Invulnerable En Tao
25-Off on a shaman journey
26-Big America
27-Dowsing revolution
28-Lyzerg`s revenge
29-Super Guts
30-The stolen Oracle Bell
31-Forest of holy spirits
32-Horo Horo`s bad taste in friends
33-Secrets of the Asakura family
34-American hot spring
35-Vampire Legend
36-Pistol of an angel
37-King of jokes
38-The traditional song of the Seminoa
39-Flower Group
40-Chou Senji Ryakketsu
41-Exploding Oversoul
42-Spirit of Sword
43-Battle of the Gods
44-One more push
45-Great Spirit
46-The Apparition of Tao
47-Really Naive
48-Missionary of Dragon
49-Doctor Doctor
50-I Have a Darkness in My Heart
51-Shaman Hunt
52-Special Training!? Assembly of All Members
53-Bye Bye
54-The th Angel
55-Gate of Babylon
56-Door of Babylon
57-The Shaman Fight Ends?
58-Flaming Angel
59-Holy Ground of the Stars
61-Eternal Farewell
62-DIE Collision
63-The Place where I belong