Seznam dílů seriálů Addamsova rodina
1Addamsova rodina v New YorkuThe Addams Family in New York
2-Follow That Loaf of Bread
3-Left in the Lurch
4-The Boola Boola
5-The Fastest Creepy Camper in the West
6-The Mardi Gras Story
7-Aloha Hoolamagoola
8-The Reluctant Astronauts - Trip to the Moon
9-The Great Balloon Race
10-The Circus Story
11-Ghost Town
12-The Addams Family at Sea
13-The Voodoo Story
14-The Roller Derby Story
15-The Addams Go West
16-The Addams Family at the Kentucky Derby
17-Happyester Fester
18-Beware of Thing
19-Dead and Breakfast
20-The Day Gomez Failed
22-Pugsley By the Numbers
23-N.J. Addams
24-A Thing Is Born
25-Fester's Diary
26-Choke and Dagger
27-Sir Pugsley
29-Art to Art
32-It's Over
33-Hide and Go Lurch
34-Hook, Line and Stinkers
35-A Sword Fightin' Thing
36-Addams Family PTA
37-Little Big Thing
39-Little Bad Riding Hood
40-Color Me Addams
41-No Ifs, Ands or Butlers
42-Jack and Jill and the Beanstalk
43-Festerman Returns
44-Hand Delivered
45-Sweetheart of a Brother
46-Double O Honeymoon
47-Then Came Granny
48-Pet Show Thing
49-Fester Sings the Fester Way
50-Camp Addams
51-Little Doll Lost
52-King of the Polycotton Blues
53-A Girl and a Ghoul
54-A Little Bit of Pugsley
55-Ask Granny