Seznam dílů seriálů Alík a psí taťka
1-Fox Hound Hounded Fox
2-Watch Dog Augie
3-Skunk You Very Much
4-In The Picnic Of Time
5-High & Flighty
6-Nag, Nag, Nag
7-Talk It Up Pup
8-Tee Vee Or Not Tee Vee
9-Big Top Pop
10-Million Dollar Robbery
11-Pup Plays Pop
12-Pops Nature Pup
13-Good Mouse Keeping
14-Whatever Goes Pup
15-Cat Happy Pappy
17-Pipsqueak Pop
18-Fan Clubbed
19-Crow Cronies
20-Gone To The Ducks
21-Mars Little Precious
22-Swats The Matter
24-Hum Sweet Hum
25-Peck, O, Trouble
26-Fuss & Feathers
27-Yuk, Yuk Duck
28-Its A Mice Day
29-Bud Brothers
30-Pint Giant
31-Its A Worm Day
32-Patient Pop
33-Lets Duck out
34-The Party Lion
35-The Musket Tears
36-Horse Fathers
37-Playmute Pup
38-Little Wonder
39-Treasure Jest
40-Ape To Z
41-Growing, Growing Gone
42-Dough Nutty
43-Party Pooper Pop
44-Hand To Mouse
45-Vacation Tripped